Learn About the New Way of Selling Your Home in Massachusetts or Connecticut

keep reading to find out about the latest way to sell your home in Massachusetts or Connecticut. This modern method of selling your home has been dubbed a paradigm shift because it helps you to stop being right where you started months later. It’s known as the hybrid strategy, and it hires both a real estate agent and an investor. Tips for selling your home, it also provides sellers with an alternative to simply listing their house, waiting for offers, and picking the best one. They can also sell directly if that suits their needs better.

Comparison of Approaches to Selling Your Home in Massachusetts or Connecticut

How to make your house sell faster, There are now three basic models for or approaches to selling a home . . .


You can still go the tried-and-true conventional route of using a full-service real estate agent and listing your home while selling your home in Massachusetts or Connecticut. It works, and for many sellers, it is the best choice.

Tips for selling your home

“The most important thing [agents] should do is ensure that your home is identified on the MLS and all major portals… Agents can provide some tricks of the trade for a property that isn’t selling right away, particularly for harder-to-sell properties, and can help the process run smoothly with minimal input from you. Steps to selling a house by owner, a full-service agent, on the other hand, is very costly, costing 6% of the overall selling price, not just your part. If you have 20% equity in your house, the 6% commission represents 30% of your equity. If you have less equity, you will have to pay for this out of pocket.”


How to get your house ready to sell, The second long-standing option for selling your home in Massachusetts or Connecticut is to do a for sale by owner (FSBO), whether you sell to a customer or to an investor. It works, is typically quicker, removes the middleman, and can potentially save you money.

Steps to selling a house by owner, “As a result, up to 20% of the US market uses some form of the ForSale by Owner model. You are not willing to give up a significant portion of your equity to make others sell your home for you, and you are willing to do the work yourself. Who knows, your real estate agent may have been paying more per hour than you! However, if you don’t mention your home on the MLS, you might not be reaching out to all potential buyers. This means that less buyers will look at your house, and it will likely sell for less money or take longer to sell. You still have no one to turn to for answers, assistance in finding the correct legal documents, or assistance in locating high-quality professionals such as photographers to work with in the process.”


This new method of selling your home incorporates the two approaches described above and includes the use of a hybrid real estate agent who is both a licensed agent and an investor. The major advantage here is that you have a one-stop shop in that hybrid agent who can provide all of the services you need, regardless of which selling technique you use. The agent will assist you if you wish to go the conventional listing path. The agent-as-investor will also assist you if you plan to sell directly.

It’s just a win-win scenario. Contact a Massachusetts or Connecticut hybrid agent at 413-455-0008 to learn more about this new form of agent.

When to Use This New Way of Selling Your Home

There are times when sellers need to sell quickly, and a hybrid agent/approach could be the best choice. Sale to an investor could be a safer choice in some cases. . . . 


If you’re behind on payments, a fast sale is a necessity and an agent-investor can facilitate that.


You do not want to go through the lengthy process of listing and waiting if you’ve inherited a home that you don’t intend to live in or if it holds too many memories of the deceased.


If the Massachusetts or Connecticut home you want to sell requires expensive repairs and/or improvements, selling to an investor instead of making those costly repairs might save you money.


When you sell your home in Massachusetts or Connecticut with a hybrid agent, you have more power over the closing date than if you sell it yourself. You choose the direct-selling option to expedite the sale process and close faster if you have a tight deadline due to, say, a work relocation.

Advantages of the Hybrid Approach

For a conventional home sale, you’ll probably get a better price because you’ll use an agent, list your home, accept offers, negotiate, and so on. Even, there are risks and disadvantages to selling for a higher price. As a result, some sellers prefer to work with a hybrid agent so that they have a contingency plan.

The advantages here are . . .


When you sell something directly, it’s normally as-is. As a result, you won’t have to make a slew of expensive renovations to get your home ready to sell, saving you both money and time.


A 45-day escrow period is typical for a conventional real estate transaction. When your hybrid agent puts on her investor hat when selling your home in Massachusetts or Connecticut, you will stop this. Closing can take as little as a week or two in that situation.


Working with a hybrid agent also makes for a more transparent transaction and a quicker closing time. You won’t have to make repairs or wait for inspections because you’re selling as-is. Furthermore, the final part of the sale, closing, is made easier because an investor always pays closing costs, so you won’t have to deal with any negotiations.


When you take the hybrid approach and go the direct-sale route, you will get an all-cash bid. Mass Property Buyers, without having to wait for a buyer to obtain funding – or risk the buyer being turned down and having to start again from the beginning – the entire sale price goes straight into your wallet.

How to Use the New Way of Selling Your Home

As a seller, dealing with a hybrid agent who is both a real estate agent and an investor offers you two viable selling opportunities in one convenient bundle. You have the option of optimizing your money and time. Contact us today at 413-455-0008 to get started with this new way of selling your home in Massachusetts or Connecticut.

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