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5 Differences Between Inspections and Appraisals for Home Buyers and Sellers in Massachusetts or Connecticut

When a bid on a for-sale property is accepted, a slew of specifics must be discussed in order to satisfy the obligations of buyers, sellers, and lenders. Here are 5 variations between inspections and appraisals for home buyers and sellers in Massachusetts or Connecticut to give you a better understanding of what to expect from the approved offer to final closing.

Differing Purposes

Both inspections and appraisals of a pending property serve important, but differing, purposes. 

The valuation is conducted to determine the property’s value in order to assist a mortgage lender in assessing the possible liability of granting a loan to the buyer. If the appraised value of the Massachusetts or Connecticut property is less than the agreed-upon sale price, the lender could refuse the loan outright or ask the buyer to renegotiate for a lower price. This ensures the property value is in line with nearby comparable homes. 

An inspection, on the other hand, is conducted to thoroughly analyze the overall condition of the future house. The prospective buyer is taken through all structural, electrical, and mechanical elements of the home to help them think about something they might have missed previously.

Who Is Involved

An appraiser’s job is often performed alone in their office, where they perform thorough analysis to arrive at the final estimated Massachusetts or Connecticut property value.

The sale price of other comparable homes in the region, as well as unique features that can affect the home’s value, are some of the factors that influence this. They would most likely come to the property to perform a quick inspection to ensure that nothing appears to be out of the ordinary at first glance.

When it’s time for a home inspection, the inspector will meet with the buyer and their representative and conduct a full Massachusetts or Connecticut house inspection, in which he or she will write a report that will be circulated to all. To keep the buyer updated, the inspector will walk the buyer around the house and address any potential safety concerns or problems that might occur.


Some people believe that both the inspection and the assessment are mandated by statute, although this is not always the case.

Any mortgage lender would almost certainly request an appraisal to ensure that their investment in the property isn’t overvalued in the local market and that the buyer isn’t overpaying for a subpar house. Inspections are optional unless necessary by a lender or contract.

They are highly recommended to help a buyer gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of the property they are trying to purchase, even though they are optional.


Both the valuation and the inspection have different expenses, which should come as no surprise to those looking to purchase or sell a home.

A home inspection costs between $300 and $500, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The appraisal would likely cost between $300 and $450.

Note that these are national averages that will be modified for venue, home size, and the level of detail involved in both processes.

Additional Effects

Finally, there are some possible side effects to both the appraisal and inspection

If the estimated value of the property has changed dramatically since the last valuation, an appraisal could result in a change in property taxes.

An inspection can disclose the need for repairs, enabling the buyer to request that such contingencies be met prior to the sale closing.

Guidance Through Inspections and Appraisals in Massachusetts or Connecticut

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