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How to Determine if You Should Hire an Agent or Sell Your House Directly in Massachusetts or Connecticut

Being an agent trying to sell your own property might place you in an unpleasant situation, and the prospect of hiring some help can be appealing. Let’s look at how to figure out whether you should employ an agent or sell your Massachusetts or Connecticut house on your own to see what’s best for you.

Two Brains Are Better Than One

It should come as no surprise that a single agent working on their own will not be completely knowledgeable about their local market.

Years of experience can assist you grasp the basic goals and needs of your average local buyer, as well as expected pricing in certain communities and how to best advertise your house by combining the two.

When you hire an agent, there’s always the possibility that bringing in another agent with new ideas can augment your existing knowledge and give your home’s sale the extra push it needs to be a resounding success.

Hire an Agent or Sell Your House Directly in Massachusetts or Connecticut

Collaborative Ability

As a real estate agent, you know how to put together a listing and advertise it to generate interest.

When considering whether or not to bring in another real estate agent, ask yourself if you’re ready and eager to listen to and implement other people’s ideas. Some agents are so accustomed to working alone that they find it difficult to collaborate with others. It’s critical to be honest with yourself about your ability and flexibility in this area.

If you believe there is little to no possibility you will respond positively to fresh ideas or even prospective criticism, you may realize that hiring an agent is a personal and professional mistake.

Build Your Network

There’s much to be said for meeting other agents and developing further professional relationships over time, and hiring an agent to help you sell your house could be a great way to do just that.

Aside from being a means to an end in terms of selling your home, this circumstance could be a fantastic opportunity to work with an agent or firm you’ve always wanted to work with. You may be opening up new options for professional working partnerships, such as with photographers or home inspectors, in addition to the agent.

Expanding your available pool of professional resources is always a good idea, and a bit of commission off the top could be a tiny amount to pay for the potential profits garnered in the future.

Make Some Distance

Some purchasers go into every showing and open house looking for any and all reasons to be suspicious of the seller’s motivations for selling the home.

Chances are likely that, at one point in time, you have dealt with buyers who cannot contain their paranoia and feel you and the seller are attempting to cover up some unknown tragedy they feel is purposely being hidden from them. Put yourself in the position of that suspicious buyer, and then suppose you’re interested in a home being sold by an agent who also owns the residence.

Aren’t your alarm bells ringing already? Because they assume you’re trying to rip them off at every point, that buyer will approach any offers or negotiations with extreme caution. By isolating you from the direct sale of the property, if you have another agent representing you, you can help to reduce the dread and paranoia of these types of purchasers.

It may not always work like a charm, but it’s something that can lighten negotiations and lead to a successful transaction.

Help When You Hire an Agent to Sell Your Massachusetts or Connecticut House

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