5 Alternative Real Estate Investments for Massachusetts or Connecticut Area Investors

Ready to expand the prospects for investment in Massachusetts or Connecticut? In the long run, real estate has value that can help protect against inflation. In addition to the conventional single-family home, unknown to most buyers, many alternative choices exist for real estate investments. These niches are worth exploring. Buyers following these avenues are likely to realize better returns on their investment dollars with much less competition. For Massachusetts or Connecticut area buyers, here are 5 alternative real estate investments.

Alternative Real Estate Investments


Land is an alternative real estate investment with low maintenance for investors in the Massachusetts or Connecticut sector. The only expense is normally the annual property tax, which is generally very low on undeveloped land. One land strategy is to keep it for the long term as the value rises gradually. If you bought the property at below market value, which is very prevalent in land investment, you can flip it. You may also be able to offer financing and gain interest. An benefit of raw land is that, when they go into default, the mortgage proceedings are quicker. In addition, depending on the position of the property, you may improve the land, which in itself provides a selection of choices.

Mobile Homes

Another alternative real estate investment for Massachusetts or Connecticut area investors is given by mobile homes. You can find mobile homes on private property or in a resident-owned community that functions more like a homeowner’s association, known as a HOA, with a range of options. Before completing your order, it will behoove you to familiarize yourself with the association’s laws. Mobile home parks charge a monthly rent for the property while retaining mobile home ownership, it is advisable to carefully examine the prospectus in theseparks.

Real Estate Notes

For those with no interest in being a landlord, notes are a great alternative investment in real estate for investors in the Massachusetts or Connecticut area. There are a number of ways of entering this market. Although these are complex transactions, banks or mortgage originators frequently bundle notes and sell them. The terms of the initial note are decided upfront by new holders. Borrowers will start to make payments to the new holder when informed of this move. Mortgage bonds, backed by real estate, provide an opportunity to invest while collecting monthly income and interest for the long term. You remain in charge, as the holder, of when and how you sell the bond.

Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family properties give Massachusetts or Connecticut area investors two forms of alternative real estate investments. Small properties with five or more units, those of two to four residential units and large multi-family investment properties. In comparison to single-family homes, less competition in this market makes a higher probability of purchasing the property you are interested in with competition that can be fierce at times. Benefiting from the high earnings potential through this type of investment far outweighs the risks.

Commercial Property

Commercial properties for Massachusetts or Connecticut area developers are high-earning alternative real estate investments. Leases that protect the asset, offering a daily revenue stream, are one of the largest advantages. This protection allows low-risk investments for commercial assets. Investors normally buy or build properties, usually business and retail, built to serve commercial tenants.

Ready to learn more about how to make cash for Massachusetts or Connecticut area investors for alternative real estate investments? The foundation of successful investment is diversity in your portfolio. We are happy at Mass Property Buyers to address any questions or concerns you might have. It is our role to help you improve your real estate portfolio regardless of your area of interest, property, mobile homes, notes, multi-family, industrial, or any combination of these alternative investments. Send us a message or call Mass Property Buyers today to [phone to find out more about us and what we can do for you!

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